Also, Delany continued, a great railroad could be constructed... terminating on the Atlantic Ocean West; which would make the GREAT THOROUGHFARE for all the trade with the East Indies and Eastern Coast of Africa, and the continent of America.  All the world would pass through Africa upon this railroad, which would yield a revenue infinitely greater than any other investment in the world....There is no doubt that in one section of twenty-five miles, the developments of gold would more than pay the expenses of any one thousand miles of the work.  This calculation may, to those who have never given this subject a thought, appear extravagant, and visionary, but to one who had his attention in this direction for years, it clear enough.... But a few years will witness a development of gold, precious metals, and minerals in Eastern Africa, the Moon and Kong Mountains, ten-fold greater than all the rich productions of California....In Eastern Africa must rise up a nation to whom all the world must pay commercial tribute.  We must MAKE an ISSUE, CREATE an EVENT, and ESTABLISH a NATIONAL POSITION for OURSELVES:  and never may we expect to be respected as men and women until we have undertaken, some fearless, bold, and adventurous deeds of daring--contending against every odd--regardless  of every consequence" (Delany, 1852).

Martin Delany was twenty-four (24) years old when he wrote this in 1836.


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