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The Master, the Slave, and the Patent Laws: A Vignette of the 1850's by Norman O. Forness

Smithsonian Institution's Innovative Lives:

"The Right to Sight: Patricia Bath," by Martha Davidson 

"Lewis Latimer, (1848-1928): Renaissance Man," by Luvenia George

About Our Contributors

Howard Corner

Inventions: Creativity and Freedom by Russell L. Adams, Ph.D.

"Organ Transplantation and Religion: African Legacy in African-American Thought" by Robert J. Cummings, Ph.D.

Dr. Percy Lavon Julian by Clifford L. Muse, Jr., Ph.D.

Focus on Faculty in Cognizance Newsletter for Howard University Professional Development and Leadership Academy, (Winter 2001)

Profile of Henry  Edwin Baker, 1859-1928 by Donna M. Wells


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June 2001