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This is an initial call for manuscripts for a collection of essays that address playwright August Wilson's vision for a "ground together"--that is, a global arts community where forms of cultural expression produced by diverse peoples are equally esteemed and celebrated. Inspired by the national dialogue on the state of Black arts instigated by Wilson's controversial speech, "The Ground On Which I Stand" (see American Theater, September 1996), this interdisciplinary collection of original essays identifies as its core issues involving cultural property, cultural ownership and cultural affirmation in the 21st Century.  This proposed collection is also inspired by two recent successful interdisciplinary conferences on the state of Black arts (The Ground Together I and II) hosted in 1998 and in 1999 at Howard University. Panelists who presented essays, offered workshops, or gave talks at either event are strongly encouraged to respond to this Call for Papers.

The editor welcomes submissions from a wide range of issues pertinent to an increasingly technologically driven, multi-cultural arts community. Essays whose premises are clearly informed by some aspect of Wilson's arts related argument--no matter what position the author may advance--are especially welcome. Contributors are urged to consider "art" in broad terms, including but not limited to disciplines such as visual and performing arts, journalism, religion, archaeology, arts education, technology, language, and literary criticism

The deadline for completed manuscripts (hard copy and disk copy in Microsoft format) is December 4, 2000. Brief inquiries or proposals, as well as completed manuscripts of approximately twenty pages in MLA format, should be sent to:

Dr. Sandra G. Shannon
Professor, Department of English
Howard University
Washington, DC 20059
FAX: 202-806-6708
Phone: 202-806-6730, ext. 5443

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November 2000