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     Moorland-Spingarn Research
     Center, Howard University

  H. Patrick Swygert, Esq.,

  Don Coleman, Ph.D.
     Interim Provost and Chief Academic

  Thomas Elzey, Senior Vice
       President and  Chief
       Financial  Officer

  Thomas C. Battle, Ph.D., Editor
      in Chief and Director,  MSRC

  Rosa L. Anthony, Coordinator
  Jean Currie Church, Managing
  Donna M. Wells, Graphics Editor &
     Assistant Webmaster
  Kathy I. Jenkins, Webmaster
     & Technical Advisor
  Joellen El Bashir, Contributing
  Clifford L. Muse, Jr., Ph.D.,
     Contributing Editor
  Janet Sims-Wood, Ph.D.,
      Content Advisor
  Eleanor Murrell, Assistant Editor


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Howard University Project Staff

HU Affiliates
Ms. Kamili Anderson, Director, 
     Howard University Press
Dr. Russell Adams, Chair, Department of
     Afro-American Studies
Dr. Tritobia Benjamin, Associate Dean,  Division of
     Fine Arts, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Peggy Berry, Director, Continuing Education
Ms. Donna Brock, Director,
     University Communications
Dr. Robert Cummings, Chair, 
     Department of African Studies
Dr. Horace Dawson, Director, Ralph J. Bunche
     Center for International Affairs
Dr. Paul Logan, Associate Dean, Division of
     Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences
Mr. Mod Mekkawi, Director, 
     Howard University Libraries
Dr. Ibrahim Sundiata, Chair, Department of History
Mr. Clint Walker, Manager, iLab/ResNet Facilities
Mr. Vancito Wallace, Senior Technology Officer
     Office of the Provost

MSRC Staff
Ms. Rosa L. Anthony, 
     Administrative Assistant
Ms. Jean Currie Church, Chief Librarian
Ms. Joellen El Bashir, Curator, 
     Manuscript Division
Ms. Kathy I. Jenkins, Assistant Chief
     Librarian for Technical Services &
Ms. Albertine Johnson, Reference Librarian
Ms. Ida Jones, Manuscript Librarian
Ms. Eleanor Murrell, Special Assistant for
     Research and Publications
Dr. Clifford L. Muse, Jr., 
     University Archivist
Dr. Janet Sims-Wood, Assistant Chief
     Librarian for Reference and Reader
Ms. Leida Torres, Reference Librarian
Ms. Donna Wells, Prints and Photographs

Web Assistance
Dr. Lawrence Joseph, Howard University Libraries

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