MSRC Resources - The Ralph J. Bunche Oral History Collection

The Ralph J. Bunche Oral History Collection is a collection of interviews that cover the widest possible spectrum of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. It is a particularly rich source for documenting the people and activities surrounding voter education, voting registration and voting rights in general. The interviews with the 55 leaders and grass roots participants listed below relate specifically to the effort to achieve voting rights for African Americans in the South.   Click on the name for more information about the interview.

Alexander, Kelly Llorens, David
Alexander, Sidney Lowery, Joseph
Baker, Ella McDew, Charles F.
Barry, Marion McGill, Elzie
Becker, William McGill, Lillian S.
Bennett, L. Howard Mangrum, Fred
Black, Lewis Marshall, Burke
Branton, Wiley Martin, Louis
Britt, Travis Mesher, Shirley
Courts, Gus Mitchell, William P.
Davis, Robert Parker, J. Allan
Dunbar, Leslie Patton, W.C.
Garman, Betty Payne, Nathan
Gilmore, Thomas Pigee, Vera
Gomillion, Charles G. Reese, Frederick
Griffith, Mahlon Rogers, Will Henry, Jr.
Hamer, Fannie Lou Rougheau, Weldon
Harville, Agatha Scattergood, Charles
Haskins, James Simmons, Althea
Hulett, John Smith, Robert L.T., Sr.
Jackson, Mathew Smith, Scott B., Jr.
Johnson, Beulah Tillson, John B.
Jones, Joseph Charles Tureaud, A.P.
Jordan, Vernon Weschler, Stuart
King, Annie Mae Wiley, George A.
Lane, Mary Wilkins, Roy
Lawrence, Charles F. Wright, Robert E.
Lewis, Rufus


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