Apprehension - To be worried and sightly afraid.
Cassette - A flat, plastic box that contains recording tape, used to record and play sound.  Cassette tapes are 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes long.
Confidential - Secret or not to be shared with others.
Dignity - A quality or honor that makes a person worthy of honor and respect.
Document - An official paper used as the basis, proof or support of something.
Exploitation - To treat someone unfairly.
Interview - A meeting in which someone is asked questions.
Interviewee - The person answering the questions.
Interviewer - The person asking the questions.
Memory - Something that you remember from the past.
Microphone - An instrument that changes sound/voice into an electric current to make the sound louder so that it can be heard clearly.
Open- ended - A question that needs a lengthy answer, not just a yes or no. This type of question can lead to other questions based on the interviewee's response. (e.g., What were your feelings about presidential elections when you first voted?).
Oral - Spoken, not written.
Outline - The basic points or ideas about a specific topic.
Reassure - To calm someone or make them feel at ease.

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