MCI WorldCom Foundation Hometown Help Program

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Inaugurated in the spring of 1998, the MCI WorldCom Foundation Hometown Help program was designed to put technology to work for America's communities.  The program afforded wide latitude for nonprofits to assess their needs and design projects that empower and enhance individuals and communities through dynamic education and technology projects.

In response, the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center at Howard University conceived HUArchivesNet, a web-based, electronic newsmagazine crafted especially for the Internet that makes accessible to the worldwide community Howard's rich repository of African and African American history and culture.

We understand the power of sharing this knowledge. The links at HUArchivesNet to images, documents, and primary sources not only provide a window to the past but also help American's understand our culture today.  Providing a diverse array of Internet content for teachers and students has been the goal of the Hometown Help program and the MSRC led the way with it's inaugural issue.

We at MCI WorldCom know our success comes from individuals in communities throughout the United States. We also know the power of giving back. We are proud to be a part of stimulating greater understanding and appreciation of the contributions of African Americans.

Caleb Schutz
MCI WorldCom Foundation





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November 1999