So, it is important that we focus on the Voting Rights Act at this time, since it has been integral to our ability, not only to exercise our citizenship by voting and electing officials, but also because these officials have been important in developing public policies that have enhanced the quality of life for Blacks and others. In this sense, the Voting Rights Act has not only enriched the citizenship of Blacks, it has also provided the impetus for the arrival of Hispanic political power and for assisting Asians in the political process as well, through districting, language assistance, and other means.

Therefore, I am happy to serve as Guest Editor of this edition of the Moorland-Spingarn online journal which highlights the rich resources in this field that it has made available to professional researchers, students and lay researchers of all kinds.

Dr. Ronald Walters
Distinguished Leadership Scholar
Director, African American Leadership Institute
James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership
Professor of Government and Politics
University of Maryland








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November 1999