Original Manuscripts:

Reconstruction and its Relations to the Business of the Country. The Old Bay State Association, Boston, December 27, 1866,  by (Hon.) George S. Boutwell.

Colored Women as Wage-Earners,
     by Anna Julia Cooper.

Frederick Douglass on the Exodus,
     by Frederick Douglass.

Inaugural Address of the Rev. John Gordon as President of Howard University, March 30, 1904.

The Other Phase of Reconstruction. Delivered at Congregational Tabernacle, Jersey City, New Jersey, by John Mercer Langston, April 17, 1877.

Inaugural Address of William Weston Patton as President of Howard University, October 9, 1877.


Race and Culture:  Reconstruction Through The Progressive Era, 1865-1910;  A Guide to Select MSRC Collections.

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