In closing, the speaker may be permitted a few words personal to himself. In the latter part of a life which has always devoted a large share of thought and action to the welfare of the colored race, he finds himself called, in the providence of God, to preside over the interests of this rising and important institution, of whose object and resources he has been speaking.  He is conscious how inadequate are his powers and various attainments to the full discharge of the duties of this position, and it is therefore with humility rather than with pride that he enters upon them.  His trust is in the kind indulgence and active cooperation of those who shall be associated with him in the various departments of instruction and in the Board of Trustees, while above all he would crave the blessing of that God whose is all truth, in every department of learning; who delights in the progress of his rational creatures in knowledge and holiness; who is ruling this world in the interests of the kingdom of his Son, Jesus Christ; who, for some great purpose, has brought out of bondage the millions of the freedmen; and who, for a coincident end has established Howard University!

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August 1999