Here the friends of the freedmen may unite on a broad Christian ground, above the contentions of party zealots, to secure for the best minds a liberal training which yet shall be true to the positive teaching of the New Testament. And we lay the greater stress on this feature, because the chief foes of our evangelical faith, at the present time, among the freedmen, as elsewhere, are Romanism and Skepticism; against both of which it becomes Protestant Christians to stand in solid phalanx rather than in divided companies.

       It may be appropriate here to state, for the information of the public, that Howard University has now in operation, prepared to receive students, these several departments:

       I. The ACADEMIC, which includes five courses of study, from that of the elementary English branches to the usual Classical College Course.

       II. The MEDICAL, with a large and finely equipped building, a connected hospital of three hundred beds, and an able faculty--a department having so many professional advantages, that the majority of its students are usually white, and the numbers are continually increasing.

       III. The LEGAL, This was last year temporarily discontinued owing to various difficulties, personal and pecuniary; but it has been reopened this autumn on a small scale, and with hopeful indications for the future.

      IV. The THEOLOGICAL, of which I have already spoken, and where may be found a goodly company of pious men, usually of quite mature age, some of whom are already preachers in their own denominations, and whose previous advantages have been very small, but who desire to gain what additional knowledge they may, to fit them to be the religious teachers of their race. With their meager previous preparation we cannot usually carry them through as high and thorough a course as we could desire, but we aim to do good work with them so far as their limited time and training will allow.

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August 1999