National Association Notes

Vol. 1 TUSKEGEE, ALA. JUNE 15, 1897. NO. 3

The teachers at Tuskegee this year have all done more than in any previous year to help the boys and girls, the men and women the children of all ages and thus they themselves have been helped.

A business men's club was organized in the town of Tuskegee by two of the lady teachers and many of the gentlemen teachers came in as members and helped on the work. It was the aim of this organization to instruct and inform the men who have any sort of business in the town. There are several blacksmiths, one tinsmith, three shoemakers, four grocer men, two tailors, one dyer and cleaner, one marketman and others who came into the meeting. Papers bearing on these industries were secured and read and discussed and when the year closed the feeling was that it had just begun; next fall we hope to begin this work along with other work there in Tuskegee, thus having nine months for the work.

This sort of organization is needed in every town where there are colored business women and they are everywhere in the South even though they have not great buildings and big signs. Perhaps if such organizations were carried on by the teachers, and lady teachers can do this as well as men, larger buildings and bigger signs might appear.

Mrs. Selena Butler, of Atlanta, Ga. and the wife of one of the most successful physician's in Atlanta, will be at the Convention which meets in Nashville in September. Mrs. Butler from the beginning of   organization among colored women has been in the front. She has been energetic and willing to make any sacrifice for one of those who say "I can not afford the expense. I can not ride on a Jim Crow car to get there." How many more such women like this one do we need? Many!

Mrs. Butler makes a study of the treatment of colored women and girls who are in the jails and in the chain gangs in the South. She does not turn aside from her work exclaiming: O, I cannot touch such subject. It makes me shudder! She is not made up of this sort of material.

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