• Hiram Rhodes Revels, from Mississippi is elected to become 1st Black U. S. Senator and 1st Black in U.S. Congress.
  • The first graduates of Howard’s Normal Department include Nannie Brown, Emma Dorster, Sylvia Gaunt, Josephine Martin, Minnie W. Russell, Fannie Shippen, and Anna Wormley.
  • James Wormley is the first graduate of Howard’s School of Medicine.
  • 15th Amendment is ratified,  granting freedmen but not women, the right to vote.
  • Robert Brown Elliott elected to the U.S. Congress in South Carolina.
  • Mary Jane Patterson is 1st  principal of Preparatory High School (Dunbar High School).
  • The 1st graduates of Howard’s School of Law include Louis A. Bell, John H. Cook, George D. Johnson, John H. Johnson, George S. Mabson, Moses W. Moore, A. W. Shadd, John Henry Smyth, D. Augustus Straker, Charles N. Thomas, Thomas B. Warrick, John H. Williams, Walthal G. Wynn.
  • Fisk Jubilee Singers begin first tour.
  • James Weldon Johnson is born in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Southern Workman is founded at Hampton.
  • William Still's The Underground Railroad is published:  an account of his work with fugitive slaves.
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar is born in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Charlotte E. Ray, Howard graduate, is first Black female lawyer admitted to bar in District of Columbia.
  • Freedmen’s Bureau closes.

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