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Thomas C. Battle, Ph.D.
Director, MSRC




     HUArchivesNet is the electronic, Internet-based journal of the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center at Howard University, published quarterly in August, November, February and May. Funded in part by a grant from the MCI WorldCom Foundation, the journal is designed to bring the resources of the MSRC and the scholarship of Howard University to a wider audience. Each issue of the journal will have a general theme. Articles and resources related to the theme will be ongoing features. Columns will feature contributions from the Howard University Archives, as well as areas encompassing African studies, African American studies and international affairs. The journal will include special components designed for students and educators at the K-12 level.

   We hope the journal will enhance an overall understanding of the Black experience and will assist educators and learners at all levels. We are especially pleased that the MCI WorldCom Foundation has supported this initiative through its Hometown Help Program. We are also indebted to the President and Provost of Howard University for their unwavering support of this effort. An effort of this type can not be successful without the contributions of many individuals. In addition to the staff of the MSRC and the faculty and staff of Howard University who serve on our "Editorial Work Group,"  we have also benefitted from the input of librarians and teachers who have reviewed the early working drafts of the project.




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August 1999