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H. Patrick Swygert, Esq.
President, Howard University


     Howard University’s 132-year-old record of leadership and service stands as a testament to the courageous, visionary men and women who built this great University. Their stories, individual and collective, unfold not only the building of the Alma Mater, but nonetheless, the building of this nation. While their resources were often limited, they understood the power of knowledge and, even more, the power in sharing it.

     Today, this history is safeguarded in the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center along with voluminous chronicles, manuscripts, icons and artifacts pertaining to people of African and African-American descent. Moorland-Spingarn is much more than a library of history, it is a repository of knowledge and hope.

     Because MCI WorldCom, global communications company with revenue of more than $30 billion and established operations in more than 65 countries, also understands the power of sharing this knowledge, the stories cataloged in Moorland-Spingarn can now be shared around the globe, bringing history and hope via the Internet to all who access this cutting-edge electronic journal, HUArchivesNet.


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August 1999