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     "Race" and "Culture" are the thematic tracks to be travelled by the HUArchivesNet electronic magazine, the new "soul train" of Black history and culture. "Race" in this magazine is socially defined: individuals seen as having genetic and cultural membership, in whole or in part, in a given cluster of human beings. "Culture" here refers to the mental modes of being and doing as influenced by the collective history and general values of a specific group, in this case descendant communities of African extraction.

     HUArchivesNet is presented as an antidote to the deficencies of our collective knowledge base of the Black presence in the world. Weaving historical tapestries, social patterns and cultural products around the globe, tracks of race and culture criss-cross each other in myriad ways. Howard University is a world-class repository of materials documenting the Black experience. HUArchivesNet places this repository at your fingertips.

   The HUArchivesNet journey is long, for the terrain it intends to cover is vast, consisting of forests of social forces, hamlets of communities and families of folks, some basking in high profile, others masked in collective anonymity, all floating on a greensward of culture. The journey will take viewers up mountains of accomplishments, down valleys of disappointments, through canyons of dreams and across vistas of hope. Our final destination should be the twin stations of enhanced knowledge and insightful understanding of the role of race and culture in shaping the contours of human relations.

Dr. Russell Adams, Guest Editor
Chair, Afro-American Studies
Howard University

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August 1999