Gwendolyn Brooks
1917 - 2000


by Llewellyn Berry

December 5, 2000


alphabet sprinkles made quiet the earth
whispering silent tributes to what angels see.
it was the wind, the wind who came by at that late hour
to scatter final thoughts aloft in the winter of her solitude.

and there  on a cloud sat gwen poised, quiet - fury still in her eyes
for the plight of her kinsmen.
 . . . if we must die . . .
fist drawn quietly, words making quiet the earth and the still new
of angry protest raging against the dying of the light
going gently into the light
with pen in hand.


Llewellyn Berry is a poet, writer, and photographer who teaches in the Literary and Media Arts Department at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC.


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