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     The contributions of African Americans to the arts has been a defining aspect of Black culture. We are deeply indebted to Dr. Tritobia Benjamin for her efforts as Guest Editor, as well as for the important feature article on Howard Universityís art collections: "To Preserve a Legacy". This article is placed in perspective by Dr. David C. Driskellís Introduction to Modern Negro Art.  Dr. Floyd Willis Colemanís "Elizabeth Catlett and the African American Diaspora" explores the concept of diaspora as it relates to the discourse of art and Catlettís influence. Dr. Vada E. Butcherís "Africans into Afro-Americans" explores the merging of West African and European cultures in the context of music. These features are supplemented by a variety of other contributions, especially Dr. Clifford L. Museís discussion of the Howard Players and Alain Lockeís definitive statement introducing "The New Negro."

 Thomas C. Battle, Ph.D.
Moorland-Spingarn Research Center


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February 2001