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Dr. Robert J. Cummings is Professor and Chairman of the Department of African Studies at Howard University. A leading expert on Africa, he was the first African American president of the African Studies Association. His most recent publication is  titled The Lagos Plan of Action vs. The Berg Report:  Contemporary Issues in African Economic Development.


Dr. Floyd Willis Coleman is Professor of Art in the Department of Fine Arts at Howard University, where he served as Chairman from 1987 to 1998.  He is conducting long-term research on African American modernist art, with special focus on the Spiral Group of the 1960s.  He is also interested in African American art of the South and at historically Black colleges and universities.  Dr. Coleman contributed to Walls of Heritage/Walls of Pride: African American Murals by James Prigoff and Robin J. Dunitz (Pomegranate Communications, 2000).

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