May 11-18

Howard University

College of Arts and Sciences, Division of Fine Arts, 

Gallery of Art

Bachelor and Master Degree Candidates Exhibition

Washington, D.C.

Te. 202/806-7047


May 15-20

Black Enterprise/Bank of America Entrepreneurs Conference

Nashville, Tennessee

Tel. 800/543-3786,


May 18-23

National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Inc.

The Caribbean, Location TBA

Tel. 202/463-8970,


May 21-25

African-African American Summit

Phoenix, Arizona

Tel. 800/835-3530,


May 23-28

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Tel. 202/429-1203,


May 29-June 2

National Association of Urban Bankers: Urban Financial

Services Coalition

New York, New York

Tel. 202/289-8335,




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