Smith, Hamilton Sutton, 1857-1924
Collection, 1890s-1920s
2 linear ft.
Lawyer, pension officer, and dentist. Throughout his professional career, Smith was also an accomplished photographer who documented the people, places, and events he encountered while living in Washington, D.C. and while traveling for 40 years as a claims officer for the U.S. Pension Bureau. Photographic subjects include: federal buildings, monuments, interiors and exteriors of buildings, art reproductions, Prince Hall Masons, portraits of unidentified persons and families, scenic views, presidential inaugurations, city parades, and portraits of Smith.

Mary O'H. Williamson Collection, "Colored Celebrities Here and There"
Collection, 1930s - 1940s
7 linear ft.
During her tenure as a teacher at Cardozo High School, beginning in 1928, Williamson's students collected information on the achievements of Blacks in numerous fields, including law, business, entertainment, sports, education, and religion. The collection is comprised of clippings, photographs, and pamphlets which are arranged alphabetically within subject categories. Many of the clippings are from local newspapers and magazines, such as Flash!, and a number of the photographs were taken by local photographer, Robert McNeill. A significant portion of the material relating to Washington, D.C. is scattered throughout the collection.

Oral Histories (Published)
Greenlee, Marcia, Interviewer. A Foggy Bottom Family, an Early
     Twentieth Century Account: An Oral History Interview with Nora
     Drew Gregory
. Washington, D.C.: D.C. Public Library, 1995.

Joyce, Carleen, Project Manager: Remembering Washington;
     Stories Told by-and-to Students in the Never Too Old to Learn
Sponsored by IONA Senior Services and the D.C. Office
     on Aging. Washington, DC: IONA Senior Services, 1993.


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