Rosa Anthony, Administrative Assistant, and Andrea Only, Library Technician at the Center, at work in the Moorland booth at the 30th Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. in Washington, DC, September 13-26, 2000. This is the 5th year that Moorland has participated in the conference.


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The Pigskin Club, founded in 1938 at the Twelfth Street Branch Y.M.C.A., was the brain child of the late Dr. Charles B. Fisher, a former star football player on the Howard University football teams of 1917, 1919 and 1920. The mission of the club was to unite football players, coaches, owners and fans in the promotion of fairness and equality in all sports; to improve programs in recreation, physical education and fitness for the city’s youth; to recognize the abilities and accomplishments of outstanding athletes in the area; and to work for the greater good of the community as a whole. The Pigskin Club is one of the leading sports organizations in the country.


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Frank P. Bolden, Pigskin Club president, 1990-1996, presented this photograph donated by the Pigskin Club, to Moorland-Spingarn in September 2000.

Center, Charles B. Fisher, Founder, 1938

First Row, left to right: Garnet C. Wilkinson; Harold A. Haynes; William H. Greene; Robert N. Mattingly; Harold D. Martin; Edwin B. Henderson; George E. Brice; John T. Rhines; A. Kiger Savoy


Second Row: Sylvester F. Blackwell; Raymond E. Contee; George E.C. Hayes; Leo S. Holton; John R. Pinkett; Emmet J. Scott; Joseph N. Dodson; Campbell C. Johnson; Charles L. Pinderhuges

Third Row: W. Napolean Rivers; Charles F. West; Thomas J. Anderson; Whittington H. Bruce; Everett W. Carter; James M. ("Biff") Carter

Fourth Row: Walter G. Dixon; Huver I. Brown; John R. Burr; Claude P. Carmichael; Samuel E. Compton; Lewis K. Downing

Fifth Row: Joseph L. Drew; John R. Francis; Harry S. McAlphin; Percival Y. Hamilton; Harry C. Graves; Joseph H.B. Evans; Rozier W. Gadddis; Vernon S. Green; Henry C. Hardy

Sixth Row: George L. Johnson; Michael Jones; Edward H. Lawson; Ralph Matthews; Thomas Hawkins; Robert G. McGuire, Jr.; Belford V. Lawson; Charles H. Marshall; Daniel Monroe

Seventh Row: Robert G. McGuire, Sr.; Harry R. Payne; Robert B. Pearson; Willis Richardson; Walter S. Savoy; James E. Scott; James G. Tyson; Moses G. Rainey; Sevellon D. Savoy

Eighth Row: Armond W. Scott; Rosco G. Robinson; Charles W. Wade; Benjamin Washington; Vernon A. Wilkerson; John L. Young; Elmore C. Wiggins; Robert B.M. Wilson; Frederick Hundley


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