13"The lights we would use mostly, before we used Speedlights [electronic flashes] were banks of fluorescent tubes. That produced a softer light than incandescent lights. Eight forty-inch tubes, or six, would comprise the directional light, a smaller one opposite the other one for the relief light, for the reduction of the shadow created by the directional light." George Scurlock, interview by author.

     14"I was at Howard University probably every day for quite a few hours, and then during commencement period, I was on the campus nine hours a day, taking class reunions, etc., and doing banquets, graduation banquets and the like for all the schools: Engineering, Medical, Dental School, Law School. I was very busy that commencement week at Howard, a very busy week for me. But it was also good for him [his father, Addison Sr.] because there were many graduates who wanted to have their portraits in cap and gowns, so while I was on the outside doing the University community work, He's on the inside doing the graduation portraits. That was during the time my brother wasn't there." Ibid.

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