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Feature Articles

The Dusk of Civil War to the Dawn of Civil Rights:  
Blacks in the Nation's Capital
, by Thomas C. Battle, Ph.D.

Addison Scurlock and The Scurlock Studios of
Washington, D.C.
, by Jeffrey John Fearing

A Tale of Two Schools: The Central and Cardozo
, by Donald Roe, Ph.D.

About Our Contributors

Howard Corner

African Americans in America's Wars, by Russell L. Adams, Ph.D.

Call for Papers

Howard University:  "Capstone of Negro Education" During World War II, by Gregory Hunter

Martin R. Delany and Africa
by Robert J. Cummings, Ph.D.

Moorland-Spingarn Research Center Activities

Young Historians

"Living in Transition" Word Puzzle, by Janet Sims-Wood, Ph.D.


First Freed: Washington, D.C., in the Emancipation Era, Edited by Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Ph.D.; reviewed by Jane Freundel Levey

Living-In, Living Out: African American Domestics in Washington, DC, 1910-1940, by Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Ph.D.; reviewed by Shirley Ann Wilson Moore, Ph.D.

Moments In Black History

Living in Transition: Blacks in the Nation’s Capital, by Kathy I. Jenkins

Calendar, compiled by Rosa L. Anthony



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