Robert Reyburn, M.D.16

     Dr. Reyburn was a faculty member of the Howard University Medical Department from 1868 to 1872. He taught "Principles and Practice of Surgery," and "Clinical and Operative Surgery." Dr. Reyburn was effective in lobbying the United States Congress to maintain a "freedmen’s hospital in the nation’s capital."

Albert Gallatin Riddle17

     Albert G. Riddle was a law professor in the Howard University Law Department from 1868 to 1875. He was one of the first individuals to "advocate the enlistment of slaves in the army and the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia."

Joseph A. Sladen, M.D.18

     From 1872 to 1873, Dr. Sladen’s title was "University Professor of Chemistry." He was a member of the Howard University Medical Department during 1873-1874. He held the position "Demonstrator of Anatomy."

General Eliphalet Whittlesey19

     General Eliphalet Whittlesey was "Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature" in the Howard University Collegiate Department during the period 1868-1873. During the academic year 1869-1870, he also held the position "Acting Professor of Mathematics." General Whittlesey supervised the development of the Collegiate Department in 1867 and was Dean of the Department during 1870-1871. In 1871-1872, he was "Lecturer on Evidences of Christianity" in the University’s Theological Department. As Fiscal Agent of the Board of Trustees during 1867, General Whittlesey, along with General Oliver Otis Howard, negotiated the acquisition of the 150 acres of land upon which the University was built. Both men guaranteed the "$150,000 sale price without one cent in the [University’s] treasury."


Francis L. Cardozo20

     Francis L. Cardozo taught Latin at the University from 1870 until June 1872 when he resigned.


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