Kenneth S. Greenberg, ed. The Confessions of Nat Turner and Related Documents. Boston: St. Martin's Press, 1996.   Reviewed by Neil Sapper, Amarillo College.  Published by H-Review (July, 1997).  Copyright 1997 by H-Net, all rights reserved.
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Moments in Black History, compiled by Kathy I. Jenkins

Calendar, compiled by Rosa L. Anthony


MSRC Resources

"Gabriel's Defeat," by Thomas Higginson

Slavery and Resistance: A Selected Bibliography of
Books and Manuscripts
, by Janet L. Sims-Wood, Ph.D., and Joellen P. ElBashir

Slavery in D.C.:  A Bibliography (excerpt), by Thomas C. Battle, Ph.D.

Unruly Slaves (Fighters for Freedom), by Ophelia Settle Egypt

Teaching With Documents

The Fugitives of the Pearl (excerpt), by John H. Paynter

American Slave Narratives:  An Online Anthology

The Negro's Complaint; a poem

School District of Philadelphia :  Teaching African and African American History and Culture in the 21st Century


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