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"Always Free":  West African Continuities and the Limits to Enslavement on 18th Century Atlantic World Sugar Plantations, by John F. Campbell, Ph.D.

"A Constant Source of Irritation": Enslaved Women’s Resistance in the City of New York, by Edna Greene Medford, Ph.D. and Emilyn L. Brown

The New York African Burial Ground Project:  An Examination of Enslaved Lives, A Construction of Ancestral Ties, by Michael L. Blakey, Ph.D.

Stitching Ideas Into Patterns:   Methodology in the Writing of Hidden in Plain View, by Raymond G. Dobard, Ph.D.

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Howard Corner

Howard University's Founders and Supporters:  The Military and the Abolitionist Connection, by Clifford L. Muse, Jr., Ph.D.

Slave Revolts: A New World Calendar, by Russell L. Adams, Ph.D.

Step Afrika!

Young Historians

The Role of Slave Art in the Resistance, by Joellen P.
El Bashir and Donna M. Wells

Word Puzzle: Slavery and Resistance, by Janet L. Sims-Wood, Ph.D.


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