Leigh, Benjamin W. Speech of Mr. Leigh, on the question of the
     reception of certain memorials from citizens of Ohio, praying
     Congress to abolish slavery within the District of Columbia.
     Delivered in the Senate of the United States, on the l9th of
     January, 1836. /Washington. 1836/ 8p. E445.D6L5

Argues that the compact between Congress and Virginia precludes abolition by Congress without the owners' consent.

24th Congress. 1st Session. /Resolutions/ In Senate of the United
     States. January 21, 1836. Submitted by Mr. Tyler, and ordered
     to be printed. /Washington/ Gales & Seaton, print. 1836/ 1p.
     AC90l.M2, v.14, no. 11 Rare Bk. Coll.

Argues that the changing of property rights regarding slaves violates the public trust and weakens the foundation of the Constitution.

Hoar, Samuel. Remarks by Samuel Hoar, of Massachusetts, on the
     resolutions introduced by Mr. Jarvis, of Maine and Mr. Wise, of
     Virginia, delivered in the House of Representatives, Thursday,
     January 21, 1836. Washington, National Intelligence Office.
     1836/13p. M325.3.297, no. 2

Discusses claims that abolition in D.C. is the first step toward total abolition.



1Jesse Torrey.  A Portraiture of Domestic Slavery in the United States.  Philadelphia, Published by the author, J. Bioren, Printer, 1817.  ff.  P. 33.

2Daniel Gott.  The Congressional Globe.   Washington, Printed at the Globe Office for the editors [etc.] December 21, 1848.   v. 21, p. 83.


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