Slave Revolts: A New World Calendar

by Russell L. Adams, Ph.D.

Below is a roster of revolts by enslaved Africans in the New World.


1519 Africans revolt in Spanish Hispaniola
1522 Revolt in Puerto Rico
1530 Revolt in Mexico
1550 Revolt in Panama and Peru
Thousands of enslaved Africans establish Palmares, Brazil
First British West Indies African revolt (Providence Island)
1655 Revolt of 1,500 Africans in Jamaica
1663-1739 Nearly 76 years of insurrections by enslaved Jamaicans
1674 Revolt in Barbados
1687 Revolt in Antigua


First revolt in Haiti


1712 New York City's Africans accused of "freedom fires"
1715-1763 Enslaved Africans revolt in Surinam
1739 Stono, South Carolina enslaved Africans revolt
Suspected city-wide arson plan by New York City's enslaved Africans
1760 Major revolt in Jamaica led by "Tackey"
1763 Major revolt of enslaved Africans in Dutch Surinam
1765 Revolt by enslaved Africans in Honduras
1768 Discovery of revolt plot on St. Kitts
1773 Enslaved Jamaicans in major revolt
Some 500,000 enslaved Africans successfully revolt in Haiti
1796 Enslaved Africans revolt in St. Lucia
Gabriel Prosser and 1,000 fellow Africans plot Virginia revolt
1801 Revolt of enslaved Africans in Guadeloupe
Revolt of enslaved Africans in St. John's Parish, Louisiana
1816 Attempted revolt in Fredericksburg, Virginia
1819 Attempted revolt in Augusta, Georgia
Revolt plot in South Carolina by Denmark Vesey and 5,000 enslaved Africans
1823 Major slave revolt in Guyana
1828-1837 Revolt of enslaved Africans in Brazil
1831 Revolt of enslaved Africans in Antigua
Major revolt in Jamaica, led by Samuel Sharpe
Major U.S. enslaved Africans revolt under Nat Turner in Virginia
1844 Revolt of enslaved Africans in Cuba


Revolt of enslaved Africans in the Virgin Islands


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