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     As we conclude our first year of publication, we hope you have enjoyed our efforts to inform you, to share our resources, and to expose you to a variety of learning opportunities. In this issue we continue, with a focus upon Black women in higher education. Our feature articles share personal experiences and explore issues important to understanding the roles, successes, tribulations, frustrations and continuing efforts of Sisters to cope within the often ill-defined parameters that obscure the mysteries of the academy that is higher education. As we enter the third millennium of the modern era, it is important that we seek to better understand the roles and impact that burgeoning numbers of college-educated Black women will increasingly have upon higher education throughout America and the world. This aspect of the declining presence of Black males in college promises to redefine traditional relations of power, position and prestige.

     The editorial staff wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to Dr. Shari Miles, Interim Director of the African American Women’s Institute at Howard University, for serving as guest editor of this issue, to Dr. Janet Sims-Wood for serving as this issue’s staff coordinator, and to our various contributors for their articles, essays and other submissions.

Thomas C. Battle, Ph.D.
Moorland-Spingarn Research Center

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May 2000