Word Puzzle

Janet Sims-Wood, Ph.D. and Donna M. Wells

The ten words listed below appear somewhere in the puzzle. The words may be spelled backwards, forwards, up, down, or diagonally. Find and circle each word, then check your score to see how well you did!

Word List

Black Press
Freedom’s Journal

North Star


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Definitions of Word List Terms

Black Press - The group of newspapers across the country published by and about the Black experience.


Newspaper - A publication made up of several pages of paper containing news reports, articles, letters, etc. Newspapers are usually published daily.

Editor - A person in charge of a newspaper.
North Star - A monthly published in Albany, N. Y. by Frederick Douglass in the 1840s.
Freedom’s Journal - The first newspaper owned, operated, edited and published by Blacks. The first issue came out on March 16, 1827 in New York City. Photographer - A person who takes photographs as an occupation.


Journalism - The work of gathering and reporting news for newspapers, magazines, and other media. Reporter - Someone who gathers and reports the news for radio, television, newspapesr or magazines.
Magazine - A publication that contains news, photographs, advertisements, etc. Most magazines are issued on a regular basis, weekly or monthly, throughout the year.
Russwurm - (1799-1851) Co-editor of the first Black newspaper in the United States.

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