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Milestones in African American Journalism/Media History



A Black slave in Mexico reports a detailed account of the Great Guatemala City earthquake in an 8-page news booklet.


Lead by Rev. Richard Allen, Black parishioners conduct an anti-discrimination protest against forced seating in church balconies and prompt the birth of the Black press from the Black church.


Rev. Richard Allen, Rev. Absalom Jones and James Forten strengthen the relationship between the Black press and ministers after they submit an anti-slavery petition to Congress.


The first Black newspaper, Freedom's Journal, is published in New York City by John B. Russwurm and Samuel E. Cornish.


"Walker's Appeal," a radical anti-slavery pamphlet by David Walker, a free Black man, is published.

Samuel Cornish publishes six monthly issues of Rights of All, the successor to Freedom's Journal.


North Carolina law forbids teaching slaves to read or write.


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