These materials are deposited in the Manuscript Division of the Center where they are made available for research. Included among the holdings thus far are the papers of P. L. Prattis, executive editor of the Pittsburgh Courier; Metz T.P. Lochard, associate editor and chief editorial writer of the Chicago Defender; Enoch Waters, executive editor of the Chicago Defender; Art Carter, managing editor of the Washington Afro-American; Alice Dunnigan, Washington bureau chief of the Associated Negro Press; George Murphy, Jr., national representative of the Afro-American newspapers; Clint Wilson, Sr., cartoonist for the Los Angeles Sentinel; Carlton Goodlett, editor-publisher of the San Francisco Sun-Reporter; William O. Walker, editor-publisher of the Cleveland Call and Post; Layle Lane, columnist for the American Teachers Magazine of the American Federation of Teachers; Armistead Pride, dean of the School of Journalism at Missouri's Lincoln University; records of the Washington office of the Pittsburgh Courier; and a collection of materials documenting the life of Frederick Douglass, publisher of the North Star.

     The Black Press Archives has been noted in several recent bibliographies and surveys of extant Black newspapers. Newspapers from the D.C. Metropolitan Area located in the Black Press Archives, for example, are currently being indexed as part of a national cooperative effort funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to locate, inventory, catalog and preserve on microfilm all newspapers published in the U.S. from the eighteenth century to the present (United States Newspaper Program). The D.C. Public Library is identifying and describing all such newspapers found in the District of Columbia, with a special emphasis on ethnic, community and alternative press newspapers. The District of Columbia newspapers in the Black Press Archives represent a sizable body of extant Black newspapers in the area and figure prominently in this project. The Archives also figured prominently in the Historical Society of Wisconsin's recently completed bibliography and union list of African American newspapers in the U.S., the first phase in a larger preservation and access effort.


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