One of the main objectives of the institute could be to undertake research and provide information helpful to the trade and investment sectors and industry that they might better understand, participate cooperatively, and share in Africa's economic integration endeavors. The research priorities, issues, and goals of the institute could be guided by the mutual needs of Africa, and America, in regional economic integration and cooperation.

     The institute would expect to cooperate with and complement the regional work being done by African-based organizations, for example, such as the Institute for Development and Economic Planning in Dakar, Senegal. A successful institute easily could serve to attract scholarship to this vital but largely neglected aspect of African developmental affairs in the United States and enlarge the practical area of analytical and developmental research that could be consumed for productive investment purposes and mutually beneficial returns for participating partners.

"AFRICA'S CASE FOR ECONOMIC INTEGRATION" will be discussed in the next issue of HUArchivesNet.


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February 2000