MAY 2000

May 4-8
National Black Flight Attendants of America, Inc.
(Los Angeles, California)
1060 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite #202, Los Angeles, California 90019
Tel. 323/299-3406

May 7
Howard University, Washington, DC
Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel
Chapel Speaker
Dr. Bernard L. Richardson
Dean of the Chapel

May 10-14
Black Enterprise/Bank of America Entrepreneurs Conference
(Lake Buena Vista, Florida)
130 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
Tel. 800/543-3786

May 19-25
National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters
(St. Maarten Netherland, Antilles)
1155 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Sixth Floor, Washington, DC 20036
Tel. 202/463-8970

May 22-27
National Association of Urban Bankers
(San Francisco, California)
1300 L Street, N.,W., Suite #825, Washington, DC 20005
Tel. 202/289-8335

May 30-June 2
Black Executive Exchange Program
31st Annual Conference
Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia
Contact: Nadine E. Medley 212/558-5320

Howard University
College of Arts and Sciences, Division of Fine Arts
Department of Art
Bachelor and Master Degree Candidates Exhibition


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