Books (continued)

Senna, Carl. The Black Press and the Struggle for Civil Rights. N. Y.:
     F. Watts, 1993, 160p. (M071.3 Se58)

Snorgrass, J. William and Gloria T. Woody. Blacks and Media: A
     Selected Annotated Bibliography, 1962-1982
. Tallahassee, FL:
     Florida A & M University Press, 1985, 150p. (M016.301161 Sn56)

Streitmatter, Rodger. Raising Her Voice: African-American Women
     Journalists Who Changed History
. Lexington, KY: The University
     Press of Kentucky, 1994, 208p. (MB St832)

Suggs, Henry L., ed. The Black Press in the Middle West,
. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996, 407p.
     (M071.7 B561)

Washburn, Patrick S. A Question of Sedition: The Federal
     Government's Investigation of the Black Press During World War
. N. Y.: Oxford University Press, 1986, 296p. (M071.3 W274)

Wilson, Clint C., II.  Black Journalists in Paradox: Historical
     Perspectives and Current Dilemmas
. Westport, CT: Greenwood
     Press, 1991, 188p. (M070.4 W692)


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